Phill Drew

Let me introduce myself

I’ve been playing drums since the age of 12, when I was in the Sea Cadet Band. Since then I have played in everything from marching bands to rock bands.

I have built an enormous amount of experience and knowledge and am equally at home in the studio, orchestra pit, event venue, rock gig or on an outdoor stage. I have a wide range of skills and equipment that I can bring to any project.

I am currently working on several projects and playing regularly with a number of bands and the occasional theatre production as well as teaching and spending time in the studio in Sussex.

If it’s a well-rounded versatile drummer you need give me a call.


Gear list etc.

A rock-solid tight musician with a feel for groove and an imagination that transforms pieces into truly beautiful works. Although able to read and follow chart, the real creativity comes out when allowed to “play the song”, not just read from the page.

A professional attitude, great sense of humour and an ability to put the fun back into music.

Experience / Skills

Marching Bands

Covers Bands





Outdoor gigs/Festivals

Function Bands

Online Session Work


Recent Work

Several sessions for international artists

Local band work

Theatre and cabaret work

Survivor (Hofesh Shechter)

2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony


Various “Dep” jobs

Gear List

DW Collectors kit

DW 9000 Series Hardware

Roland TD20

Hart Dynamics Pads

Roland SPD-SX

Apple MacBook Pro

Logic X

Korg K66 Keyboard




Pellwood X-Line Stix


  • Lessons
  • Online sessions
  • Physical session work
  • Theatre
  • Dep work

Video and Audio

Please check out the links below for examples of my work.

Call me: +44 (0)7850890026

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